Justin Krogman

Technical Game Designer

About Me



I'm a dual Canadian-German citizen and Technical Game Designer trying to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. I hold a BSc in Communication and Multimedia Design from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, with a major in Game Design and a minor in Medialism. My graduation assignment was nominated for the best student project of 2023 at Hanze UAS. I specialize in systems, level, open world, and technical design.

I am an analytical and curious creative, with strong commmunication and problem solving skills. I enjoy the unique challenges presented by the game design process, and look forward to developing my own games as I continue to hone my skills.

When it comes to playing games, I am a fan of RPGs, action-adventures, tactical first-person shooters, survival-crafters, and co-operative focused multiplayer games. I love learning about the inner workings of game systems while I play and explore them! I'm the kind of person that will happily spend over an hour in a character creator obsessing over all of the minuscule details.

When I'm not creating new games and experiences, I enjoy going bouldering, playing airsoft, going snowboarding, travelling, and of course playing video games!

My Story


Early Life 1995-2011

As a child I was exposed to video games on the Nintendo 64 through my sisters playing games like Mario Party and GoldenEye 007. I continued to enjoy video games from many genres and developed a strong passion for the medium.


First Career 2012-2017

I became a commerical Electrician and pursued an apprenticeship for four and a half years, eventually becoming a fully licensed and endorsed Red Seal Journeyman Electrician.


Reflection 2018

I began to think about what I really wanted to do going forward in my life. I realized that I loved games and the experiences they convey.


Changes 2019-2021

I made the decision to move across the globe to The Netherlands and begin my education in game design at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, inspired and motivated to pursue my dream to become a game designer.


Building Skills 2022-2023

I successfully completed the first three years of my Bachelors Degree in Communication and Multimedia Design at Hanze UAS, with a major in Game Design and a minor in Medialism. I was also able to successfully complete an internship at Dutch publishing studio Indietopia, giving me valuable industry experience and preparing me for the final year of my degree program. With this experience, I planned to enter the games industry after graduating in the summer of 2023.


Current Life 2023 and Beyond

I have graduated and successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Communication and Multimedia Design at Hanze UAS, with a major in Game Design and a minor in Medialism. During the final year of my studies I was hired as a Junior Developer by Dutch publishing studio Indietopia. While working at Indietopia I have functioned as the lead designer and developer on multiple commercial Unreal Engine projects focused in the Dutch cultural sector, while also coaching several groups of interns. I am currently seeking a mentor while I focus on improving my skills and continuing professional development.

Skills Breakdown

Systems Design

Intermediate Level

Game Documentation

Intermediate Level

Technical Game Design

Junior Level

Level Design

Junior Level

Years of Professional Experience (4 as a student)
Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Hours of Unreal Engine Experience