Justin Krogman

Technical Game Designer

Training Day

Project Details

I developed Training Day as a practice project to learn the professional level design pipeline and apply it towards a game concept commonly found in the games industry today. This project was my first time utilizing Unreal Engine 4 to create a fully playable game level on my own. To do so, I used an asset pack that allowed me to use some basic first person shooter gameplay within my level design concept.

I was inspired by the first mission (F.N.G.) of the popular video game "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare", where the player is tasked with running through various obstacle courses and training ranges while performing basic first person shooter gameplay as a tutorialization method. At the end of this level there is a timed trial that seeks to challlenge players to complete a tactical breach and clear of a hostile occupied boat.

Development Time 2022, 1 Month
Team Size 1x Developer
Client Self Project
Target Platform Windows Computers

Gameplay Details

Based on this, I created my own concept for a timed shooting trial set in a military training range as the concept for this level design practice project. By utilizing several sources of level design theory, I created several concept drawings and designed a layout for the level with enemy placements and sightlines established. From those concept drawings I was able to develop the level by manipulating basic geometric shapes into more complex blockout gameplay areas, with several colours of developer grid materials applied to distinguish floors, walls, and gameplay objects.

Genre Tactical First-Person Shooter
Controls System Mouse and Keyboard
Target Audience Core Gamers Aged 20-30
Game Skills Strategy, Shooting Accuracy, Fast Reflexes


The current playtime of the level blockout is 5-10 minutes depending on the players shooting skills, and how quickly they are able to identify and locate targets. By creating this level blockout I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge about the level design pipeline and how the blockout process is developed. This project has also greatly increased my experience designing and developing game levels in Unreal Engine, and by further developing it in the future I aim to have a fun, well crafted, and polished first person shooter level to demonstrate.

Software Unreal Engine 4.27.2, Miro, ClickUp
Management System Agile, Scrum, 1 Week Sprints
Development Platform PC, Windows 11
Role Lead Designer and Developer

Walkthrough Video